About Us


I was inspired one day to start my own business installing car security alarms. After hearing my proposition in a joint venture, my parents were completely on board and lent me their two car garage as a jumping off point for the business. With a thousand dollars in capital from my blessed parents, I quit my job, and began to set up shop.


My first obstacle was finding a manufacturer to order commercial alarm systems from. By chance my Uncle had met the inventor of the Ravelco Anti-Theft Device in New York city and was able to give me their phone number. I immediately placed an order for fifty, and the product would be my future #1 Seller.InMemoryDad


20 Years later I know have a booming business in Brownsville, Texas, all thanks to my parent’s faith in my business savvy. After my father’s passing in 2003, I understood how much family can mean to business. Now my mother and I carry on the business in his honor, and for our children and grandchildren. Safe and Sound Auto Alarm will always put family first in business.